Leverage Your Network of Contacts

22Touch prompts you to stay in touch with the people who matter to your business. We help you build relationships and stay engaged with the people in your network who can provide referrals. You follow our step-by-step instructions each day and by doing so, earn the right to ask for and receive referrals.

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Why professionals like you love 22Touch:

Referral Generation

The most effective method of lead and referral generation for professional service providers like you.

Stay in Touch, Easier

Succeed with the help of a predetermined ‘touch’ schedule designed to keep you in consistent contact.

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Build Your Network

Build relationships with the people who can help your business grow. 22Touch provides a simple step-by-step process to follow that is guaranteed to build relationships and help you get more referrals.


It’s Easy to Get Started…

1 Add Your Contacts – Import from Linkedin, Salesforce, Outlook, Apple Mail or a simple .CSV file. Learn more →

2 Classify Your Contacts – Only your most important contacts should be in 22Touch. You’ll assign each to a list: A, B, C or D. Learn more →

3 Follow the Schedule – 22Touch automatically schedules touches based on how much interaction you’d like to have. Each day, we’ll tell you who to contact and how to contact them. Learn more →